About Me

New Me

My wisdom comes from years of study, years of challenging life experiences and my connection to spirit.  I help my clients to embrace and understand what it is to be an Empath, discover what type of Empath they are and guide them to empower their gifts to find their path and purpose.

People tell me that they feel safe with me which makes it easy for them to open up and share. I seem to have the ability to draw out that which needs to be healed.  The magic that I carry enables my clients to reach goals easily and my wisdom enables them to find their own answers.

I work with clients in two ways.  As a Life Coach, working Empath to Empath and help them to set goals, how to achieve these goals and help them to be accountable for making the changes needed to get there.  As an Empath Coach I teach Empaths the skills, exercises and tools necessary to making their lives so much easier.


My mission is to assist and empower Empaths (both newly aware and those already aware) to be who they came here to be and help them to take 100% responsibility for choosing this life. I will be there to support them, nurture them and guide them through the hurdles. I will always have their best interests at heart and provide focus and clarity to live a life they love.


Inner Child Therapy Diploma (Distinction) – Centre of Excellence – 2020

Shadow Training – CEOSage – 2020

Shadow Work Practitioner’s Diploma (Distinction) – Centre of Excellence – 2019

Closure Facilitator Course – George Kavassilas – 2019

Diploma in Aromatherapy (Distinction) – Centre of Excellence – 2018

Transcending the Matrix – George Kavassilas – 2018

Inspired Spirit Coaching – Inspired Spirit Coaching Academy – 2014

The Empath Academy – Dr Michael R. Smith – 2014

Lifeforce Energy Healing – Deborah King – 2013

AromaTouch Technique – DoTerra International – 2013

David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition Certification – BodyMind Institute – 2012

Nutrition Certification – BodyMind Institute – 2012

Transforming Your Life – In Full Flight – 1995

Past Life Regression – With Denise Linn – 1994

The Relationship Maze – Light Unlimited Productions – 1994

Psychic Development – Lelita Perrara – 1994

Ki Force Channel – EM International Pty – 1994

Keys to Finding the Power Within – Light Unlimited Productions – 1993

Breath Therapy – Sergei Gorsky – 1993

Awakenings – Light Unlimited Productions – 1992

Quantum Thinking – Dr Fred Allen Wolf – 1992

Quantum Process Practitioner (Breathwork Therapy) – Australian Institute of Transformative Technologies – 1992