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Hello, my name is Robyn – today I am a ‘Life coach for Empaths’ but let me tell you the truth:  it took me many challenging years to realise that I am an ‘Empath’. Let me start with explaining what ‘empath’ actually means – and how difficult it was for me to learn methods of dealing with this ability and turning it from a negative experience into to positive one in my life.

An Empath is someone who is sensitive to emotional energy, in humans and animals and they have much more empathy than the average person.

I had a difficult time in my younger years not knowing why was I thrown into strange emotional states when I was in the company of different people. These emotions stayed with me and really affected my personal life. It took me years to realise that I kind of ‘took on’ other people’s moods, energies and emotions and that’s what affected me – while these emotions weren’t really originating from my own emotional being but I didn’t understand that back then.  I also seemed to have the ability to tell what kind of person someone was, whether they had a good heart or not.  Maybe you too are dealing with similar issues in your life and would like to find your answers?

Maybe you too don’t even know that you are ‘taking on’ other people’s issues and/or emotions and that’s what is affecting your personal life? Perhaps you too are an ‘Empath’ without even knowing it?

Just like I was at the beginning and only later when I learned what ‘empath’ actually means and how it manifests, I’ve become able to deal with this ability and learned methods to not only to help myself but also to provide assistance for others.

If you can relate to my story and you suspect that you too might be an ‘Empath’, I would like to invite you to take a transformational journey with me.

My knowledge and wisdom comes from years of challenging life experiences combined with study and my connection to spirit.  I help my clients to embrace and understand what it is to be an Empath, discover what type of ‘Empath’ they are and guide them to empower their gifts to find their path and purpose.

This work has its own miraculous ways: it’s able to draw out the innate wisdom of my clients so that they feel more empowered, more confident and they can realise their own hidden values and personal magic in the process.

If you would like to know my qualifications, please click here.

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