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Are Empaths the Next Step in Evolution?

Let’s look at those in the banking system, think about how their greed has kept us as the modern day slaves, where we have to work so hard just to put a roof over our heads and food on the table.  We are so busy working to pay these bills and there is no time left over to pursue our dreams, express ourselves creatively and to develop and improve ourselves which Empaths are always itching to do.

The banking system makes billions and billions of dollars, they take so much from us.  The pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to be healthy because that would affect their profits and now the telco companies are rolling out 5G and telling us how wonderful it is while they increase their profits and ruin our health.

So let’s imagine if we replaced the In-Sensitives with Sensitives ….  We could not take actions that we know would hurt or hold back others.  We would create systems that benefit us all and not just the elite few.  If Empaths ran the banking systems would money even exist? We may have created systems where people could work doing what they love, have more time with our families, be able to get enough rest and relaxation.  If Empaths ran the health system, we would help people to understand why they created disease in their lives instead of only treating the symptoms.  If Empaths ran the education system, we would create ways to teach children more than just grammar and maths. The world would be a very different place and we would be proud of how much we have been able to evolve.

Researchers are now showing that Sensitives have an evolved nervous system which is what our bodies use to process emotions.  Our emotions are what guides us in our actions, if we get to really feel our emotions, the good ones along with the ones that are labelled ‘bad’, they will guide us towards a path that would further humanity and its evolution.

So who would call the In-sensitives evolved with their focus purely on themselves and not humanity. I wish I could tell the whole world and show them how to understand the gifts that Empaths have and if they would just stop, recognise us and ask us what we think we should do to grow and improve our world.  So are Empaths the next step in evolution? I think so, imagine a world where we are recognised for our gifts and how they would benefit humanity. 

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  1. I’m feeling like we are the next step in human evolution. Sometimes my caring for others is viewed as if I’m strange.

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