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Are you a Retro Empath?

Owl1An Empath is a person who has the ability to understand the emotional state of another individual. There are many different types of Empaths and many levels of gifts and abilities. It’s one thing to be an empath, it’s another to be Retro Empath.

For the Retro Empath, there is little available information and yet is the most powerful type of Empath. To say, to act in a manner that is different, backward, opposite of normal, gives us a clearer understanding of the Retro Empath.

The spirit of a Retro Empath is the Great Mirror. When you connect to a Retro Empath, what you see in them will show you what you need to work on to evolve spiritually. You may say that the world is our mirror, and this is true and the Retro Empath’s mirror is one of emotion, for however you react to them emotionally is their guidance.

For example, after being with one you may feel anger, feeling them to be arrogant yet the Retro Empath’s mirror is showing you your need to be humble. Or you may feel great love, again the Mirror is showing you the path of self-love.

The following traits of a Retro Empath does not define a person as a Retro Empath, it’s the energy they carry that is the real ‘tell tale’. Some of the traits may include; being dyslexic (thinking backwards), being born breach (coming into the world backwards), doing things backwards, appearing younger than their age (aging backwards) and a strong healing ability. The Retro Empath is movement and transformation.

Traditionally, you don’t claim to be a Retro Empath, it’s when another Retro Empath sees that energy is carried by them also and they will be inspired to inform. “

Dream CatcherIn Native American ceremonies, the Heyoka would be the one to disrupt the proceedings so as to get the people to see things differently or to change the energy of the situation. The Retro Empath, when working with people, will say or do something to disrupt the energy which creates change, healing and balances the energy.

The Retro Empath’s gift is to bring people back into balance and get people unstuck by showing the opposite, the backward way. Retro Empath’s carry the medicine of chaos and this medicine has the power to change people’s lives and shove them down their spiritual path. There’s nothing gentle about the Retro Empath’s energy, their medicine is to show the shadow that remains unseen and the mirror that is hard to look in.

So if you were to meet a Retro Empath, would you turn away and run or would you have the courage to see the unseen and see yourself as you truly are and accept the profound healing that will occur?

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  1. Thank you. I’m sure I AM. Not sure if I can truly tell.. Is there more information…

  2. I just wanted to thank you for writing this article that has helped me understand my life. I have been everyone’s emotional punching bag. I’ve had ideas of this empathic concept and finally can tie it all together. I can’t even begin to thank you enough. The insights alone from this article have impacted my life in such a profound way. Thank You, S. Lynn

  3. Thank you for changing heyoka to retro. Heyoka isn’t “Native American”.
    It is from the Lakota and would probably be considered disrespectful and insulting to use in this context. There are hundreds of different Native American cultures.

  4. I like this article as it speaks to me. It will be pleasing to have more information on this.

      1. Id like share my own expierience with you without it being view by all but you and your group make it impossible as far ae ive seen to contact directly with a message

  5. Is the path of the heyoka empath to grow exclusively through self healing retro viewing the lenses of others? In balance there is reflection, with reflection the perspectives can be insurmountable in any single moment and therefore produce useless information. Words being the MOST limited tool we use to see and feel. The journey of the perenially named hypocrite. When hypocracy is NEVER a factor. Who do we seek for peace when our words alone may be silent but are always loud? Causing enemies to be friends and cycle again…

  6. Please describe born breach to me it is an unknown concept and as for being à rétro empath i suspect i am as i have the ability to discern diverse emotional states in the majority of the people i cross paths with.à gift that i didnt realise i had until i read this article

    1. Dear Dimitry,

      A normal birth is when the baby comes out head first. A breach birth is when the baby comes out bum first and footling breach is when the baby comes out feet first. Hope that helps!

      With light,

  7. Finally I have found your article! This journey hasn’t been easy, but your words have now rang loud and true in spirit for that I thank you. I look forward to more insightful posts.

    I am writing this through tears of gratefulness.

    Many Blessings to you…

  8. When it comes to shielding our energy, isnt our true state one of emotional stillness? Wheather we fight our emotions or agree, or even fight or agree with emotions arent we distracting ourselves?

    1. Dear Keoni,

      Thank you for contacting me and for your comment. I totally agree with your comment and for myself feel that shielding is not a great practice for Empaths to have. It is for us to become empowered and skilled so that we can deal with what we are experiencing and therefore have no need to shield ourselves.

      Take care,

  9. Hi Robyn,
    I am DEFINITELY A Heyoka or Retro Empath. Thank goodness someone who knows me well forwarded me your article on Heyoka and I was relieved to understand that there was a ‘diagnosis’ to my backwards or what i refer to as ‘doing things twice’ weird life. It’s fascinating and I’m wondering where I might find more information on this subject/condition/oddity….
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sunny ! There is not a great deal of information out there on Retro Empaths. That’s why I wrote this article and now working with other Retro Empaths (Heyokas) to help them along their journey.

  10. Traditionally, you don’t claim to be a Retro Empath, it’s when another Retro Empath sees that energy is carried by them also and they will be inspired to inform. “ – I stumbled across this particular article after a friend forwarded me one of your other articles – it hit me immediately and profoundly that my dear friend is likely a heyoka – but now I wonder about the sentence I copied above – this literally gave me goosebumps and almost tears, but I’m not sure why. Can you expand on this??? Thank you.

    1. Hi Susan, Could it be that reading this article gave you an awareness of the energy of your dear friend? Have you asked your friend to read the article and see what their reaction is?

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