Are You Really an Empath?

Tired of People calling you too Sensitive? 

Take this Quiz to Find Out …

For each statement, write down a 0 for never, a 2 for sometimes, and a 3 for all the time and at the end total up your score to see what it means.
  1. You get overwhelmed when in a crowd, feeling lots of different emotions.
  2. You have a strong desire to go home but don’t know where that is.
  3. You find it easy to tell when someone is lying and being dishonest.
  4. When you see something sad or traumatic, it can take you a long time to get over it.
  5. You feel drained if you are around certain people.
  6. You get strong first impressions of people of who they really are inside.
  7. You feel sensitive to violence and cruelty
  8. You can even feel the pain and sadness of animals, especially if they are caged.
  9. You feel that no one really understands you.
  10. You can sense others’ true emotions such as sadness and pain.
  11. You’ve can walk into a room and sense a change in the energy without knowing why.
  12. You can’t stand watching the news or a sad or violent movie because it’s too upsetting.
  13. You sometimes feel like an alien and not sure where you belong.
  14. You experience unexplained aches and pains or feel sick for no reason of your own.
  15. You have a hard time taking care of yourself because you are too busy taking care of others.
  16. You feel like your mood or emotions change when certain people enter a room.
  17. You can feel that your emotions change quickly without understanding why.
  18. People and strangers are drawn to you and tell you things they say they can’t tell others.
  19. You find nature is very calming for you, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.
  20. You need to have time by yourself to feel balanced.
  21. You’ve had people tell you that you are too sensitive and need to ‘harden up’.
  22. You put others before yourself and feel a strong desire to help, even when you know you are burning yourself out.
  23. Other people don’t understand how deeply you feel and why you can’t “get over it”.
  24. You’ve had many traumatic events in your life and can start to feel numb about it all.


SCORE OF 0 – 25:
If your score is 0-25, then you have some Empathic abilities and can be considered a Highly Sensitive person and may not be an Empath.
SCORE OF 25 – 50:
With this score you are definitely and Empath.  You can sense other people emotions as your own and can have a hard time knowing what’s yours and what is not.  You sense things differently than the average person. You often get exhausted without knowing why and it’s because you are giving out too much positive energy and taking in too much negative energy. While you are fairly balanced if you are in this range, there’s no doubt you’d benefit from tools and resources to help you to use your gifts to be a benefit to yourself and the world.
SCORE OF 50 – 75:
You are a high-end Empath. You have the ability to take on others’ emotions without consciously knowing it, and you help to transmute that energy. You can sense the vibration of people and places.  You are extremely open to the pain and suffering of the world, and you likely get overwhelmed by helping too many people at once.
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