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Don’t Expect Someone Else Will Heal You

There’s a bit of talk going around at the moment it seems.  People talking about negative experiences from going to a ‘healer’, they are expecting someone else to heal them and this can be a very tricky process. 

There is a great difference between the healer that claims that they can heal you and a healer that assists you in the process of healing.  Unfortunately there may be no word to differentiate between the two.

While there are authentic healers out there, there are also healers with a dark agenda, whether they are conscious of it or not.  It is known as ‘New Age Spiritual Abuse’ where this type of healer is influenced by dark energies (consciously or unconsciously) to affect someone’s spiritual journey in a negative way.  Those affected can take a long time to figure this out, or not at all and is more common than you might think.

The ones who do this unconsciously do have the best intentions and it may be a part of their journey and one of their life lessons to become aware of this and work through their karma.  If you come across one of these types of healers, the best you can do is to trust your own intuition, does it feel right to work with this person or not, it’s so important to trust your inner feelings.

And there are those who do this consciously, again it is about their journey and whether or not they wake up to what they are doing and that they are creating some pretty heavy duty karma.  Be aware that this type of person can be very manipulative, and will work on subtly attempting to control you and affect your own journey, whether that be to trick you into their way of life, to detain or hold you from your spiritual progress.

When this experience occurs, it tends to cause you to lose touch with your higher-self, throw you off track, doubt yourself and to lose your way. 

I have experienced many forms of healing along my journey.  Some have made a difference (although very few) and some have only worked to empty my purse.  Amongst the ones that made no difference were; Reiki, EFT or Tapping, Psychic Readings, Distance Healings and Chakra Balancing.  The forms of healing that I found that did actually make a difference were; Timeline Therapy, Rebirthing and Coaching.

Many, many years ago, after returning from living overseas, I had the ‘come home blues’ and my mother, wanting to help me, booked me into to having a session with an ‘exorcist’ (yes, they do actually exist) and she apparently cleared the ‘demon of mischief’ from my energy field.  After the process she said to me, that she sensed that I had a great healing gift and that she would like to train me to eventually replace her.  The stories she told me really did rock my world.  After a few weeks of contemplating this career move I decided against it and instead trained to become a Rebirther.

The reason for this decision was the difference between working with the light or working with the dark.  The darkness can be very tricky as it slowly works to diminish our self-confidence, to doubt ourselves, therefore making us vulnerable to its influence.  Which is what I believe happens to these healers. 

A couple of years ago I had an ‘entity clearing’ and the couple that performed this ancient ritual told me a story about a psychic that come to them for a clearing.  She was quite a successful psychic, and they cleared what they called quite a large entity from her energy field.  A couple of weeks later, this psychic returned to them asking to put that entity back!  She said that she had lost her ability to do readings for people so it was actually this entity that was working through her to give people readings.  This is how it actually works with psychics, these entities existing on another plane of reality have the ability to see inside of you and know what to say to pull you in and that is how they gain energy for themselves.  Yes, there are true psychics but they are few and far between.

I’ve had clients come to me expecting me to wave a magic wand and make them all better, seriously it doesn’t work that way.  You have set these experiences up in your life to learn something important. The more it affects you, the more important the lesson to learn and if someone waves that magic wand, what have you actually learned?  Nothing, so you will create it again in another form and it will probably be even more painful than the first time around to make sure you look at it.

So when you are on that part of your journey where you seek healing, really think about how you might go about that.  Will you choose what may seem the easiest way and work with someone who offers the magic wand or will you choose to learn the hard lessons, face your truth and grow, and are willing to do the work.  Is that the difference between a healer and a coach? 

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