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Job Vacancy : Empaths

Community 02The Universe has gathered a group of profoundly evolved spiritual beings for the purpose of assisting Planet Earth on her evolution to the next level. Your job is to anchor the Divine Light on Planet Earth, assist with shedding light in the darkness and to bring more and more Divine Light to the planet and its people.

Before applying for one of the following positions, be aware that when accepting the position and entering a human body, all knowledge will be lost of what your job is, what you are meant to do about it and the connection with the group. Therefore, when in the body, many will find it hard to take responsibility for accepting this role and play the victim and see the gifts as a curse. It will be the responsibility of some of the group to encourage the others to become skilled and regain that knowledge.

The following positions are available:

Job Description: Emotional Empaths

This is the basic skill of all Empaths and all will have this skill with varying degrees of strength. Depending on your spiritual strengths, some will fill this position only and others will also take on the positions listed below.

Your main purpose is to feel and sense the emotions of others which will enable you to process that energy, transmute it for your fellow humans.

Job Description: Animal Empaths

With this level, your purpose is to support the Animal kingdom on the planet. You will have the ability to feel the emotions and understand the needs of animals around you, and will find it hard to visit zoos, pet shops and farms and will fight for their rights. They feel safe with you and therefore, attracted to you.

Job Description: Earth / Global Empaths

Your purpose is to support Mother Nature and therefore your abilities will be to sense the energy of the planet. Earth Empaths can sense the energies of the Earth and may feel anxiety, headaches and physical pain before or during events such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. The feelings usually pass after the event has occurred. Global Empaths are similar in the way that they feel the emotions of the people involved in the catastrophes.

Job Description: Medium Empaths

Your purpose is to provide communication for departed loved ones. You will have the ability to feel and sense the presence of spirits and the departed. These Empaths can help to heal grief and share information from spirit guides.

Job Description: Healing Empaths

Your purpose is to feel other people’s physical symptoms and sense their physical ailments. With training you will be able to assist other to pinpoint diseases which, with the assistance of a health-care practitioner, heal.

Job Description: Nature Empaths

At this level, your purpose is the ability to sense and feel the energies of nature, such as plants and trees. You will find these Empaths working to support Mother Nature.

Job Description: Retro Empaths

If these Empaths are born into a Native American Lakota tribe, they will be known as Heyoka and will be fortunate enough to have the support of their community, receive the appropriate training and know their job. For all others filling this position outside of a Lakota tribe, your journey will be the hardest of them all. You will not be understood by those around you, there will be no training involved except what you are able to seek out by yourself and you will find it hard to be able to connect with others of your kind.

Your purpose is to mirror back to the humans what they wish to remain unseen, and if they are willing, it can heal them. They will progress spiritually and enhance the light on the planet. You will have the strongest of healing abilities. You will have the strongest challenges, for it is in those challenges that you will gain the wisdom to help others on their journey. You will have the ability to disrupt stagnant energy and energy stuck in a loop. Your presence will cause the energy around you to move in a different direction.

You will most likely, feel very alone, a little crazy and frustrated. You will most likely be born breach or footling breach, your nervous system will be wired backwards and it will most natural for you to do things backwards because that is the flow of your energy.


Although most Empaths will feel very lonely and unsupported, know that you are lovingly supported by the Universe and that by seeking out others of your kind where you will find even more support. Do whatever it takes to remember your skills and who you really are. The Planet and its people, more than ever, need you.

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  1. I am new to the social aspects of these amazing things but I need help adapting in life. I sincerely love helping others with these gifts or senses and most if not all I have utilized before but lack control and knowledge. Someone please help me get on track to helping more people and myself at the same rate. I am no help to anyone if I can bit fully understand.

  2. Is it possible to be more then 1 type of empath? I seem to understand animals an they respond to me, I feel the energy of the planet an sense radio waves. I’ve literally felt the cellphone signal go through my head an was reaching for it before my phone started to ring, I can feel strong emotions from people an sometimes I hear voices!!!!! how do you handle being around people, 1 or 2 I’m ok with but crowds well it’s like sensory overload. Very hard to handle

    1. Glenn, Yes it is possible to be more than one type of Empaths. All Empaths carry the energy of the different types to varying degrees. The more you develop your skills the stronger your gifts become. Again developing your skills, raising your vibration and keeping your energy strong and clear will help you to handle crowds. For the beginners, I recommend the Empath Necklace (see Products Tab) as it will support you whilst you grow into your powers. Have sent you an email, Glenn !

  3. This speaks volume to my purpose in life, I’ve recently opened up and let my true self bloom. I’ve stumbled across spirituality and awakened senses I’ve never embraced before. Had them all along but didn’t utilize it well, I’ve always had a grasp on people passing through my life and sharing vibes I didn’t know was there. Today I understand my purpose is to heal the broken and scared and lost. It does not frighten me. I am not discouraged. I am filling that position but I have no guidance or knowledge of what I’m doing. There are things I want to learn and train on, be my guidance and help me stay on the path aligned out for me. I’m seeking a support group of my kind that will help support our earth bound selves. Holding the light, namaste…

    1. Dear Amanda, Connecting to other Empaths is so vital now. I invite you to like my Facebook Page “Empath are Awesome” and also the group by the same name. There is constant information and like-minded folks for you to connect with. Have sent you an email, Amanda :o)

    1. Dear Suzen,

      Thank you for contacting me with your comment. I don’t have a test as such as I prefer to work on a personal level as I believe we are all very different. This article is a simple guide and if you have any questions regarding, please email me as I am happy to help in any way I can.

      Take care,

  4. I match 3 out of 5 … I’ve had may have had others but need clarity. First hand experience daily .. So.. Now what? What kind of career I can benefit and ALSO help others. Was giving the Blessing of experience now need guidance. Thanks !

    1. Dear Sandra, In some respects it doesn’t matter the career as simply being here on the Planet, anchoring in the light is the prime goal of Empaths. On the other hand, being in a career that supports you and does not drain you. If you feel attracted to my services, guidance and achieving your goals will be supported.

  5. I have learned so much. I feel I better understand why some ppl have a violent reaction towards me being around them.
    I have been getting punched..bit..hit..slapped..kicked ..pushed..etc for many years.
    Most recently on NY’s and then again 4 days ago.
    I’m almost 60 and my body can’t take this abuse any more.
    I learned not to be around alcohol.

  6. I believe I am a retro empath. I was working with homeless youth and now am a teacher of students with behavior problems. I help them solve these problems by finding what they are stuck on and helping them get unstuck. It is grueling work because they often aren’t ready to deal with what is keeping them stuck and getting them ready to process it is very challenging but I have always felt is my purpose. I have recently become aware that this is because I am an empath and now after reading the retro empath I am sure that is me.
    I started searching today because as I learn to become grounded to the earth I am realizing how much she is suffering right now and I think it is empath’s job to heal her but it is going to take a lot of us working together instead of separately. I am married to an empath as well and I feel her and I are meant to jump start this healing for her.
    What I feel I am to do next is connect with the community as I feel there is one out there that I am unaware of but need and want to be a part of. If this will lead me to that please contact me.

  7. i guess i am a retro heyoka empath… i have been struggling for years, homeless, car accidents, failed relationships and fired from every job i ever had… i am so exhausted with my life. now facing not knowing where me and my son will live… seems like i will never be stable again. appreciate any advice.

  8. Hello, I am pretty new to the Heyoka Empath, I just found out about it yesterday. And only by accident. Everything that describes and Heyoka, is what I have felt my whole life but couldn’t find a word for.. I thought I was just insane… But now I know and I would really appreciate some help. I want to save the world but I don’t know where to start.

  9. Robyn, THANK YOU for this valuable information. I am in the Retro category…it’s like you’ve written my story!!! Could you please send me any additional information.

  10. Hello,

    Hope you are well.

    I am an empath. I have discovered countless positives till now but have always lacked tangible guidance because of which I seem to fall again and again. Creator has very gracefully helped me through and sometimes I find myself looking for a mentor to help me, probably because I am surrounded with people who aren’t familiar with the subject, my behaviour or anything connected. I find my energy wasted so much sometimes, it’s exhausting to feel that. I have tried to reach out to many people who speak of it but haven’t found any help yet. Do you think maybe you can help me?

  11. Im a Heyoka Empath ,very strong one,my father and mother are ones,and so are my kids

  12. My best friend who is a healing empath found an article by Bevin Niemann “My personal experience as a heyoka empath” & sent it to me saying….”I believe you are actually more empathic than you know. Have you heard of the Heyoka empath?” I read the article and related to it right away as a sacred clown & have always had an affinity for First Nations people. I did more research & read “7 signs you may be a sacred clown by Gary Z McGee” & identified with that too. I really want to be involved with a group of Heyako Empaths so we can help each other. Can you help with this? Thank you for any & all help. Look forward to hearing from you. I would like to be part of a supportive group of empaths and especially Heyoka empaths as it can feel pretty lonely. Thanks for your support. Sonje 🙂

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