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Empath Support Necklaces are lovingly made to support Empaths to cope with all the different energies in this world, strengthen their own energies and release any negative energies picked up from other people. The necklace is like a warm hug from your higher self.

Necklace 2

The Necklaces contain the following Beads and Crystals:

Rudraksha Beads

Protects against negative forces and thoughts, strengthens the heart and relieves stress and anxiety. Creates peace of mind and unblocks the Chakras. It is said that the Rudraksha beads are endowed with cosmic powers to elevate the spirit, provide divine protection and assist on the path of ascension.


It is said to infuse the auric field with light, and it allows only positive and beneficial energy to reach you. This powerful stone can shield us from the electromagnetic radiation that comes from computers, microwaves, TVs, mobile phones, power lines, etc. It can stabilize our organs, our blood pressure, our bio light field and our immune system.


Enhances spiritual power, divine guidance and positive transformation. Increases inspiration, clarity and inner peace.

Rose Quartz

It is known as the ‘Love Stone’ and is said to be the stone of unconditional love. This crystal opens the Heart Chakra and is believed to encourage forgiveness and to help you to let go of anger, resentment and jealousy.

Magnetic Hematite

Hematite crystals have an excellent grounding and balancing energy, highly protective energy and are good to help women who lack courage.  They will heighten self-confidence, will power and self-esteem.


Measuring 80cm, it’s just pops over your head, circling the Throat and Heart Chakras. $40 plus postage.  Email empathcoach@out to order, you will be sent a PayPal Invoice and upon payment will be sent the tracking number.

One happy customer wrote :

I did receive the necklace about a week ago. It has a very soothing and calming effect. I wear it or bring it with me when I’m in or know I will be in a stressful situation. It has been a great comfort and I will treasure it for a very long time. Thank you for the care you took in making it. It’s beautiful, I really do love it.



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