Information and Services

Do you:

  • Feel overwhelmed in crowds and crowded places
  • Sometimes feel like an alien and not sure where you belong
  • Feel that no one really understands you
  • Yearn for peace and quiet and enjoy time to yourself
  • Experience unexplained aches and pains
  • Feel sensitive to violence and cruelty
  • Know when someone is being dishonest

I can help you:  

  • How to handle social situations
  • How to deal with feeling overwhelmed
  • Understand what are your emotions and what are not
  • Find out what you are meant to be doing here
  • Feel heard and listened to
  • And much much more ….

Imaginehaving someone who will:

  • Support you, without judgement, without blame
  • Listen, guide and support you, sharing wisdom and knowledge
  • Assist you to make the breakthroughs you’ve been searching for
  • Laugh and cry with you
  • Help you to believe in yourself
  • Empower you to have the strength and courage to follow your dreams
  • Walk beside you along your journey and show you the view along the way

That someoNew Mene is me …  I guide Highly Sensitive People and Empaths to lead an empowered and purposeful life.


The ELP is a coaching program specifically designed for Empaths.  Firstly, we arrange a chat over the phone, which goes for about 30 minutes where we will both determine if this program is what you are looking for.

The program consists of 6x one hour, one on one sessions conducted over the phone, wherever you are on our beautiful planet. You will receive Program Notes and Informational Handouts.  Topics include and are not limited to: What Type of Empath are You, Empath History, Self-Care for Empaths, Grounding, Raising Your Vibration, Healthy Relationships and What’s Next.

Completion of the program also makes you a “Lifetime Member” where further coaching sessions are charged at a discount rate of $45 whenever needed.


Step 1 is to make contact …. email … We will have a chat to confirm if this service is what you are looking for … go ahead and take the first step.

**These services are separate to the Empath Liberation Program

All sessions go for one hour and are conducted over the phone and I will call you for each session.  As a Certified Life Coach, sessions are about moving you forward to achieve your goals and self-healing.  During sessions, I assist you to get clear on your goals and help you keep on track.  Sessions may include Regression Therapy as a way for you to go back and heal the past and receive the lessons.

Single Session                   $60 – $100

3 Sessions                          $150 – $280


Session fee are designed to fit into your budget.  This can be discussed in our Intro Chart.  All payments are made via a Tax Invoice sent to you via PayPal.

** Contact me for prices for Australia and New Zealand

Email me at to book a session or to ask any questions.  Simply  tell me what days and times suit you and which country I will be calling.  You will hear back from me within 24 hours.