Just found out that you are an Empath? Or have known for a while and now want to learn more?  The online study program could be your answer!  This training can also be done in one-to-one sessions.  Click here to find out more.

The Empath Empowerment Program

Once the basics have been learned and integrated, the next step is the Empath Empowerment Program where we work on healing and connecting you to your true authentic self.  This program is for 8 – one hour sessions.

Sessions may include:

Life Coaching – As a Certified Life Coach I can help you to reach your goals, find out what is preventing you from reaching them and heal the blocks that keep you stuck.

Breathwork Therapy – Is the process of purging repressed emotions, traumatic events and stagnant diseases through a specific form of breathing.  It is a circular breathing technique focused on deep healing of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Inner Child Therapy – Is a process of connecting to the child we once were and bringing those gifts and talents back to the present.  When we make the connection to this aspect of ourselves we become more complete.

Shadow Work TherapyWhenever we reject or suppress an aspect of who we are, whether good or bad, it is pushed into our Shadow.  Making peace with those parts of our self we become more of our true authentic self.

Here’s what past clients have said about their experience with these sessions:

“My friends see the difference as well as my family, they are asking me what has changed. I am finding that I can be me and there really is no pressure. I am able to embrace life more due to what I have faced with meeting you and doing this work.” Tracie, UK

“There is something about the way Robyn regresses that put me at ease, that made me realise that what I experienced was mine and it was all good and right.  With the right things being said at the right times, somehow, I’ve been able to finally realise that my journey isn’t going to be like anything else cos its mine and that realisation brings me back into myself and where I need to go.  Thank you Robyn!”  Angie, NSW Australia

How it works:

Firstly, we arrange a Free Consultation, which goes for about 30 minutes where we will both determine if this program is what you are looking for.

Book your Free Consultation here:

Letting me know whereabouts you live enables me to offer the best times to organise a Free Consultation. Let me know also what days / times suit you best.

This program is for 8 weekly sessions and are conducted one to one over Skype, you will be sent an invitation so it doesn’t matter if you have Skype or not. All sessions go for about one hour.

Completion of the program also makes you a “Lifetime Member” where further coaching sessions are charged at a discount rate of $65 whenever needed.

Price for the 8 Session Empath Empowerment Program is $550.00

Life Coaching Sessions Only – 1 hour sessions:

Single Session                   $75

3 Sessions                          $200

All payments are made via a Tax Invoice sent to you via PayPal.

Email me at to book a session or to ask any questions.  Simply tell me what days and times suit you and which country I will be calling.  You will hear back from me within 24 hours.

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