For Beginners:  The Empath Liberation Program

Just found out that you are an Empath? Fantastic!  The Beginner’s sessions are designed to help you understand what and who you are and how to handle it with ease.  There are 5 sessions which will teach you:

What Type of Empath you are – here you will learn about your specific gifts and what to do with them.

Empath History – learn about why Empaths are here at this time, and what you are supposed to be doing and where you fit in.

Self-Care for Empaths – It is really important to learn how to take care of yourself and create healthy boundaries.

Grounding and other Techniques – Learn techniques and tools to help you handle being an Empath.

Healthy Relationships – Learn how to create the relationships that you want so you feel loved and supported.

Here’s what past clients have said about their experience with these sessions:

“Thank you for helping me discover this wonderful gift and teaching me how to use it. This has been quite a profound learning experience for me.” Brianna, New York

“Robyn literally changed my life!! She educated me on what it means to be an Empath and gave me the knowledge and tools to help me navigate my emotions, my thoughts and my relationships.” Tiffany, Maryland, USA

**New – Beginners Course now available online!

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For the Advanced:  The True-Connect Program

Once the basics have been learned and integrated, the next step is the True-Connect Program where we work on healing and connecting to your true self.  With a series of sessions to connect you to who you were when you came into this world, before all the ‘crap’ blocked your memories of that.  Next we work on whatever needs to be healed for you to become all that you can be.

Here’s what past clients have said about their experience with these sessions:

“My friends see the difference as well as my family, they are asking me what has changed. I am finding that I can be me and there really is no pressure. I am able to embrace life more due to what I have faced with meeting you and doing this work.” Tracie, UK

“There is something about the way Robyn regresses that put me at ease, that made me realise that what I experienced was mine and it was all good and right.  With the right things being said at the right times, somehow, I’ve been able to finally realise that my journey is mine and that it isn’t going to be like anything else cos its mine and that realisation brings me back into myself and where I need to go.  Thank you Robyn!” Angie, NSW Australia

How it all works:

Firstly, we arrange a chat over the phone (free of charge), which goes for about 30 minutes where we will both determine if this program is what you are looking for.

The sessions are one on one conducted over the phone, wherever you are on our beautiful planet. All sessions go for about an hour and I will call you for each session.  You will receive Program Notes and Informational Handouts.

Completion of the program also makes you a “Lifetime Member” where further coaching sessions are charged at a discount rate of $45 whenever needed.  As a Certified Life Coach, sessions are about moving you forward to achieve your goals and self-healing.  During sessions, I assist you to get clear on your goals and help you keep on track.

Single Session                   $60 – $100

3 Sessions                          $150 – $280

Session fee are designed to fit into your budget.  This can be discussed in our Intro Chart.  All payments are made via a Tax Invoice sent to you via PayPal.

** Contact me for prices for Australia and New Zealand

Email me at to book a session or to ask any questions.  Simply tell me what days and times suit you and which country I will be calling.  You will hear back from me within 24 hours.