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I have had the great pleasure of working with Robyn.  I am an intuitive astrologer, trained clairvoyant and I work with Tarot.  As I was reading Robyn’s chart, I was hit with so many huge epiphanies about what she has to offer to clients, due to her profound ability to anchor higher dimensional energies into the physical plane.  She helps to inspire, activate and facilitate a persons healing process and she is capable of assisting in the transformation of all sorts of diverse situations and any individual who is feeling called to do the necessary work and ready to shift in a positive way.  Her creative power is aligned with Spirit and it brings in important energies to the collective, as she helps individuals one on one, to find their truth, their divine power and their ability to protect themselves from negative influences.  I highly recommend working with Robyn, she is the real deal and has a deep understanding of how this space should be held, to produce the most wonderful results.

Laura Eisenhower, USA

Robyn has been a remarkable Empath Coach. She created a space where I could fully express myself and be vulnerable. Throughout the sessions, a lot of emotionally intense memories came out of me unexpectedly. Whatever came up in the sessions, Robyn did not judge my reactions, expressions and my choices. My sovereignty was well respected all the way through the sessions. I allowed myself to choose what I wanted to address in each session. Robyn was fully present and trusted every moment with a light-heart. As I am an empath, I always sense my facilitators’ emotions and feelings, however Robyn held the space of non-judgement, so I was able to focus and be true to myself. I am very grateful for her awareness and sensitivities towards the complexity of human nature and facilitated in the simplest way. Robyn showed me how to consciously use the ability of being an empath to effectively facilitate the sessions for others. Thank you very much, Robyn!

Saeko, Sydney, Australia

I always knew I was different which starts this search for the answer to that. In that search I bumped into various articles about empaths and nothing ever resonated with me. What Robyn shares around the topic, made me realize I actually was one of these strange creatures! This allowed me to have healthy boundaries and lifestyle. Helped me navigate my relationships better. Sense then I became more aware of my own nature and gifts that I just didn’t see before.

Robyn also held space and facilitated closure with issues I was having in my life. The effect of this was like life had conspired an intervention. It broke down the illusions and allowed my true self to step forward. This was very empowering! Thank you Robyn. I will always look back at this moment being the most pivotal change in my life.

J. Mack Norrid

I am always grateful for having discovered you and your work. You have helped me understand a great part of who I am as a human being here on Earth.   I always suspected I might be an empath. The strong emotional responses I would feel within myself would become so overwhelming at times. I somehow knew these emotions could not all be mine. However, I had no knowledge or a way to understand them, and quite frankly, I often considered empathy to be a burden in my life.

You have helped me not only understand empathy, but also embrace it as an incredible gift from the Universe. This gift is a great resource of strength for me now, both personally and professionally. As an energy healer, I find it so much easier now to distinguish my own emotions from those of my clients’.

You have also given me a great insight into the types of empathy I carry within myself. I was surprised that there were more than one!  Thank you for helping me discover this wonderful gift and teaching me how to use it. This has been quite a profound learning experience for me.

Brianna Ras, New York, USA

I was on a long journey of trying to understand self, others, and my surroundings. I never understood my life and my purpose. I felt lost and then found myself…then this became a cycle of lost and found. I felt I did not belong to anywhere, I was homeless. I was floating around, being ungrounded for so long. I never knew who I was.   At the very least, I was guided by my Soul to seek help. I received helped from many beings and I grew. I am very grateful. But there was something that was still missing… and then I found Robyn Iacuone being interviewed by George Kavassilas’ on his website www.weareinfinite.love

Robyn had helped me realised that I am an Empath with my attribute mostly Retro/Heyoka in nature.  My life was not easy, unable to tolerate crowded-city-like environment or any energetically dense places. I have always felt overwhelmingly exhausted with too many people around me and I absolutely love “Me-Time”.  ‘Me-Time’ gives me total freedom, energy, peace and calmness.

Robyn taught me how to ground myself as this is the foundation of my being here on Mama Earth at this point of time. It is just the beginning… and I am excited and happy to be alive.

Thank you so much for your Very Kind and Supportive Guidance Robyn. I am now Alive. I am Home.

I am forever grateful,  Mai, Australia

“Robyn Iacuone is one of the most talented and effective healing practitioners with whom I’ve ever worked. I wholeheartedly endorse all of Robyn’s services. You will receive just the right kind of loving Spiritual support and Robyn will tailor her services to you personally. Robyn’s connection to Spirit is a delight and she will open up for you a whole new perspective.”

Dr Michael R. Smith

I was divinely guided to Robyn in the very early stages of my awakening and thank goodness I was… I was in such a state of confusion and angst with all the changes that had rapidly occurred in myself and consequently my life that I felt like I was one the brink of madness (as many, I now realise, often do if they awaken suddenly). Robyn was SO kind and SO gentle and SO understanding of my situation that I felt instantly at ease with her. Robyn really knows her stuff and alongside being a wonderful coach and support for empaths, she is also a great healer, helping me work through some emotional blockages that had manifested in severe neck pain that I couldn’t shift – Robyn shifted this by the time our call ended. She’s amazing and I cannot recommend Robyn highly enough. She’s the real deal. Thank you, Robyn. I am eternally grateful to you.

Lisa, London, England

I found Robyn after reading and connecting to a few articles that she had written online.  I decided to reach out to her just to seek her advice and speak to someone who seemed to understand the experience that I had been having just being me.  I wasn’t sure if I was an Empath or not but I resonated more with that description than my other diagnoses like co-dependency, or low self worth.  I was at my lowest point in life.  My mental anguish had begun to manifest physically as high blood pressure, headaches and body aches … and then I had a conversation with Robyn and decided to do her liberation program.  (Que the sound of angels singing!)  Robyn literally changed my life!! She educated me on what it means to be an Empath and gave me the knowledge and tools to help me navigate my emotions, my thoughts and my relationships.  Her peaceful and warm disposition created an environment of love and acceptance for me.  I always felt like I was talking to a friend I’ve had for years.  With every session I felt stronger and stronger and my life became a positive reflection of the work I was doing with her.  If you are, or suspect you are an Empath you NEED to know her. She’s so gifted, and she’ll help you realize your gift.

Tiffany, Maryland, USA

“Working with Robyn for me was amazing and positively life changing. I read an article she posted on FaceBook about Heyoka (Retro) Empath’s, as I read her article I about fell out of my chair. I was so stunned I read the article again and again, then I followed the link to her website read the entire site and immediately contacted her for a sample session.

I have known for years I was an Empath and have done much training for Empath’s, also many years of energy healing for myself with different modalities and practitioners and eventually became a DEH affiliated energy healing practitioner myself. However, I continued to struggle in life due to severe adverse reactions from other people in my personal and professional life.

Robyn helped me to understand and embrace the medicine of the Heyoka energy within myself and how this energy can affect others I come into contact with. She is a very gifted authentic spiritual being with an innate ability to connect with her clients and help them better themselves. I am proud and honored to have worked with Robyn and have her as a friend.”

Herk Boyd, California

“Loved my time with Robyn, I came out finding a part of myself that I never knew existed! During our coaching sessions Robyn was listening to the language I was using and was very empathetic with everything I had to say. She somehow was able to guide my thoughts into a positive direction, whenever I was feeling a little subdued. Robyn and I connected instantly and I never knew why until she sent me info about being an Empath. I instantly lit up. I had found a part of me that my family now tell me they had always known about. I will definitely look to Robyn for all my Empath guidance!”

Alina, Melbourne, Australia

“I have known Robyn for many years and have been privileged to receive her words of wisdom and gentle encouragement often. Robyn has a kind, warm nature and intuitively understands a person’s whole self which guides her to provide meaningful direction to others. You will never feel alone as Robyn’s loving kindness will be a source of constant encouragement, inspiration and affirmation as you strive to live a more purposeful, heart-centered life. I recommend her services to anyone seeking to fulfill their potential, develop a deeper sense of spirituality or embrace a healing experience in their life.”

Julie, Mount Barker, Australia

“I wanted to thank you for your unconditional support, love and guidance during and after every coaching session.  Thank you for reminding me of my ability to create anything I want, how I want.  I made some amazing breakthroughs during our time together and I’m very sure that I’ll continue to make breakthroughs in my life because of the amazing guidance you gave me.  I believe in myself more than ever, I believe and trust in the Universe more than ever.  I’m happy that the Universe brought us together, you know what they say…..there’s a reason that everything happens in life and people are brought to you for a reason.  I know in my heart that I’ve found a friend in you from this moment on.  I really can’t thank you enough and wish you all the best in your journey called life.  Truly grateful,”

Amy Jack, New Zealand

“Robyn’s inspiration led me to a deeper place inside of me that allowed me to remember what’s important to me in life and the path I am meant to follow. Her encouragement and empathic awareness brought out the best in me. Thank you so much Robyn for your patience and compassion toward helping others identify and realize their true purpose in life.”

Jim Elvidge, Washington, USA

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