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Understanding Being An Empath is my online course in book form, with a few added stories.

You can purchase the book here:

In Australia:

Understanding Being an Empath By Robyn Iacuone

Or contact me directly and I can post the book out to you!

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Book Contents:

Chapter 1 What is an Empath?

Chapter 2 It’s Okay to be Different

Chapter 3 Earth – School for the Spirit

Chapter 4 Are Empaths the Next Step in Evolution?

Chapter 5 Emotional Sensitivity and Intelligence Scale

Chapter 6 The Difference Between a HSP and an Empath

Chapter 7 Empath History

Chapter 8 Why are we here Empaths?

Chapter 9 Empath Traits

Chapter 10 Empath Types

Chapter 11 Uncommon Empath Types

Chapter 12 Retro Empaths

Chapter 13 Tools to Help You Being an Empath

Chapter 14 Understanding Boundaries

Chapter 15 Shielding – To Shield or not to shield

Chapter 16 Visualisation

Chapter 17 Self-Care Introduction

Chapter 18 Grounding

Chapter 19 Me-Time

Chapter 20 Water

Chapter 21 Essentials Oils for Empaths

Chapter 22 Receiving

Chapter 23 Simple Tips

Chapter 24 Understanding Emotions

Chapter 25 More about Emotions

Chapter 26 Dealing with Our Own Emotions

Chapter 27 Understanding Relationships for Empaths

Chapter 28 Relationships with Non-Sensitives

Chapter 29 Relationships with Other Sensitives

Chapter 30 Relationships with Family and Friends

Chapter 31 Heal Thy Self

Chapter 32 What an Awesome Experience

Chapter 33 Don’t Expect Someone Else Will Heal You

Chapter 34 A Story of Inner Child Healing

Chapter 35 Inner Child Connection

Chapter 36 Preparing for the Connecting with Your Inner Child Meditation

Chapter 37 Connecting with Your Inner Child Meditation Script

Chapter 38 After your Connecting with your Inner Child Meditation

Chapter 39 Working with Your Inner Child Meditation

Chapter 40 Working with Your Inner Child Meditation Script

Chapter 41 Working with Your Inner Child Meditation Roundup

Chapter 42 What is Shadow Work?

Chapter 43 Doing Shadow Work with Yourself

Chapter 44 An Empath’s Journey Home

Chapter 45 What’s Next?

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