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To Shield or Not to Shield

There is a lot of talk regarding Empaths on the internet about protection and/or shielding. This has never felt right to me. Firstly, we chose to come to this Earth to assist as Empaths and secondly, if we chose it why would we want to turn our backs on it.

Awareness is the key. When you become aware that you are Highly Sensitive or an Empath, take responsibility for choosing that. The first step is to decide whether you are going to take that on or turn your back on it. Hopefully you choose your path wisely and if you chose to shield yourself, well you’re not really fulfilling your purpose.

We assist others and the planet by absorbing negative energy, for the purpose of transmuting and clearing that energy. If we are not strong or skilled enough, it will hurt us. So how do we become strong enough? We become more skilled and knowledgeable with our gift.

There are several skills, exercises, mantras and items that assist our ability to transmute that energy. There is also the important skill of setting boundaries and knowing when to walk away.

As an unskilled Empath, I was strongly affected by the energies around me. Not anymore! A few weeks ago I attended a Football game with over 40,000 people that used to send me running. I had a fantastic time and felt wonderful and one of the things that made that possible was the string of Shungite beads I wore around my neck.

So I invite you to become skilled and strong enough to be who you were meant to be. It really is worth it because when you do, you get to not only process the negative energies, you also get the gift of absorbing the positive energies which really make the job worth it!

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  1. Hi I feel as if I found this because it was meant to be and I believe I might be an empath, idk but I’ve seem to isolate myself because I feel as if I can’t handle the pressure of negativity and frankly a lot of tiny things set off negative thoughts in my mind do you know anything about that?

    1. Dear Alex,
      Most Empaths feel alone and misunderstood and most feel better in isolation so they don’t have to deal with the negative emotions of others around them. The answer is to become more skilled in your gifts as it our job to help others. The stronger we become the more able we are to handle other people’s emotions.

  2. Hi Robyn,
    I believe that I am an unskilled empath. I feel overwhelmed in large groups of people, and sometimes even small groups (depending on the energy). I require A LOT of alone/quiet time to recharge my batteries. I can feel other people’s emotions, although I used to mistake them for my own (I used to think that I was just moody). I have felt physical symptoms when loved ones have been injured (without knowledge of it at the time). And I know this sounds crazy, but I have even heard voices from time to time. I feel like I am being guided to do something. All my life I have recognized myself as being “sensitive” and have always felt different from others and like I just don’t fit in. Animals and children are drawn to me like a moth to a flame. From a very young age, I have tried to turn off/block this aspect of myself. However, the older I get the more I realize that it is a part of me and to deny that aspect would be a waste. I feel like I’m supposed to be doing something with this, but not clear on what it is… or how to go about it. My question is: How do you become a skilled empath, how do you transmute energy (are there specific methods?) and how do you do this without causing harm to yourself? Thank you for your time! ?

    1. Dearest Julie, Everything you have mentioned is common with Empaths, so absolutely normal. You become a skilled Empath with guidance and learning the skills needed to transmute energy (there are many ways to do this safely), how to separate the emotions of other from yourself (also a skill) and how to care for yourself. That’s what I teach when I work with Empaths, you can research to find out more as well.

  3. Living as a shielded empath is almost crippling. Constantly absorbing everything, involuntarily is so incredibly draining. Is there any way to filter my emotions? Because half of them arnt even mine.
    Thank you Robyn, for all of this.

  4. Hi, Robyn. I just happened upon your site through your article on the best kind of relationships for empaths. You are the first empath I’ve come across, other than myself, who believes in not ‘shielding’ yourself”! I tell that to everyone. First of all, if you’re living in fear of negative energy you can’t possibly be effective at transmuting negative energy. Fear blocks and stagnates everything. And as you said, in order to effectively do what you chose to come here to do one must take total responsibility for that choice and use it – or just BE it. All of this ‘protecting’ – from what?? You chose to incarnate into a third dimensional body and with that comes the veil of forgetfulness as well as polarity – good/bad, dark/light, right/wrong, positive/negative. That is the quantum nature of third dimension. Therefore, it is the nature of the empath to take in the negative and transmute it into positive (or at the very least neutral). Why run from who you are? For fear of darkness? Well, your fear will attract it to you anyway and then you’ll have ‘protected’ yourself out of the very ability that can help you handle it. Darkness can only affect you the way you allow it to.

  5. We had to shield ourselves because this frequency is a dense coherence of primordial chaos and from within our highest ego – our being is SCREAMING and crying – or at least, thus far, that’s why I was using golden energy bubbles…

    But, thankfully a met a dog consciousness, that graduated into a human consciousness embodied in a woman – this woman grounded me to this experience and taught me everything I was missing while I have awakened her to her power, though she is choosing the more base path to use it…

    Two mardi gras celebrations ago, under the influence of the spirit of rye whiskey and after partying at a bar -I broke down finally, burst into a million tears like she’d never seen before and i said – i can’t do it anymore, i can’t keep holding up the world – its too much, take it off me…i was, unhinged…(i never drink whiskey as I learned which spirits did what as I experimented this experience)…she’d never seen the raw, me…

    I knew something deep needed to be figured out (still isn’t 100% but i’ve narrowed it down to two choices) – after that I learned how to ground the energies back into earth through “Earthing” etc and to charge/discharge energies as I move through this space…it’s rarely easy! Just keep giving love and thanks for being and life unwrinkles like a slinky snaking up some stairs 🙂

    Wonderful site…thank u for this space!

    1. HI Patrick,
      Shielding is a pretty dodgy thing! Shielding is saying that we are separate, we are not. Grounding is one of the most important practices an Empath can maintain. My FB Page is “Empaths are Awesome”, they may be of some assistance and I’m happy to answer any questions!
      Take care, Robyn

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