Free Online Training Course

My new online training “Understanding Being an Empath” enables you to learn what it is to be an Empath and gives you the skills and tools to be able to cope with your gift.

The course comes with video lessons, each with a downloadable PDF of all the slides in the video.  There is a total of 61 pages of PDF’s. There is also downloadable visualizations that you can watch on your device anytime.

Once you have enrolled in the course you will lifetime access and you can study the course at your own pace. 

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The course curriculum:

What is an Empath?

  • The Emotional Sensitivity and Intelligence Scale
  • What is an Empath?
  • The Difference between and HSP and an Empath
  • Empath History
  • Empath Traits

Types of Empaths

  • Emotional Empaths
  • Animal Empaths
  • Earth & Global Empaths
  • Physical Healing Empaths
  • Knowing Empaths
  • Nature Empaths
  • Precognitive and Psychometic Empaths
  • Multi-Potential Empaths
  • Retro Empaths

Tools to Help you to Cope with Being an Empath

  • Boundaries
  • Shielding
  • Visualisation
  • Highway Visualization
  • Mirror Visualization


  • Grounding
  • Grounding Visualization
  • Me Time
  • Essential Oils for Empaths
  • Water
  • Understanding Emotions
  • Tidbits

Understanding Relationships

  • Understanding Relationships for Empaths
  • With other Sensitives
  • With Non-Sensitives

What Now?

  • What next


  • Meditation for Empaths

Current Feedback:

Carol wrote: Thank you Robyn for this lovely course. ❤️
It was very helpful to know what has been happening to me for so very long. It has brought me the awareness of what goes on with me constantly and how other people’s energies and body pain affect me. Why some dogs I don’t know just jump up on me and lick my face so spontaneously, why strangers spill their hearts out to me in public, why it’s difficult to be in crowded spaces, and why “me time” is a necessary part of who I am. I am more able now to discern what is mine and what isn’t. With your meditation tools help me discard energies, body pain, thoughts and feelings that are not mine. Especially when massaging people. (I am a massage therapist by trade) It’s been quite the challenge just being me.

Susan wrote: I loved it! It was straight forward, loving and fit pieces together for me. Thank you for creating this lovely course to share with us.

Brainna wrote: Thank you for helping me discover this wonderful gift and teaching me how to use it. This has been quite a profound learning experience for me.

The course will be updated with questions and answers from students and further information as it comes to hand.

There is downloadable PDF’s for each class, along with downloadable visualizations and meditations. 

To enroll click here