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Oh, I know I haven’t been on here very much! But there is a good reason for it! In the last ten months I have written a new book. This one is a novel, a story about Amy, an Empath, and how she changes the world for the better.

Amy knew from a very young age that she was here to make a real difference and she worked most of her life to achieve that.  And now that humanity was facing devastation, caused by a global disease, she had to put her plan into action to create the Alternative for the world to see.  

Could her plan actually work and what were the consequences if it failed?  Could she find the right people to play the vital roles?  Could they beat the plague of evil and lead humanity back on track and to even thrive?  Would evil succeed in trying it’s damnedest to stop her?  What the world needed now was something to celebrate.   

A reader sent me this comment after reading the book : As you read through this heart-warming book it naturally brings up questions about our future.  Which direction do we really want to go in? How lovely could our world really be?  This gentle read leaves me feeling hopeful and happy to know that with authors, such as Robyn, there are others out there fighting for a positive future!

It’s available on Amazon everywhere: Click here

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