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What is Root Cause Therapy?

Root Cause Therapy is a powerful new modality of healing.  It is about getting to the root cause of the blocks, issues and patterns we face in life that no matter how much we try to think our way around them, they still remain.  For those who are on the path of spirituality, looking to heal themselves and to become their authentic self, after 25 years in the personal development field, I’ve never seen a method as powerful and effective as this one.

One thing I have definitely learned over the years is that someone or something outside of ourselves cannot make the lasting changing that we seek.  If we use a method where someone else is using a form of healing that is going to ‘fix’ us, it will not work permanently.  The reason for this is that whatever is blocking or stopping us, we need to get the lessons, the learnings behind the event before we can heal and this is something that we need to experience for ourselves, we need to get the lesson and release the emotions behind it before we can move on.

Our conscious mind controls our behaviours, decision making, actions, willpower and our plans and goals.  It is what we are conscious of in the present moment.  The unconscious mind holds and controls our personal beliefs, habits, fears, self-image and our identity.  Our beliefs, especially around self-image and identity, are stored in our unconscious minds, meaning that we are not conscious of our beliefs which really drive our outcomes in life. 

For example, we may develop a limiting belief of “I am not good enough” when as a child our teacher shamed us in the classroom, in front of the whole class, because we made a mistake in our spelling.  We were unable to express how that made us feel for fear of embarrassment in front of our friends so we suppressed that emotion and when we suppress our emotions (energy in motion) the energy gets stuck in our emotional bodies and the belief is formed by our mental reaction to the event.  We appear to get ‘over it’, but we don’t, it forms a belief that will affect our whole lives until we get the lesson and release the emotion.

Talking about the issues we face in life will do nothing to change it.  It only satisfies the conscious mind which thinks that it is running the show.  We discuss the situation with a friend or therapist, we may get ideas on what we can do to change the situation but nothing will change because the unconscious mind will still hold that belief.

For example, if we hold the belief that “I need protection”, this may result in our body gaining weight as a form of protection.  Therefore, no matter what diet we go on or how much exercise we do, we may lose some weight in the short term but it will always return because the body consciousness knows that our weight protects us.

That is why Root Cause Therapy works.  In a session, we use a method to discover what the unconscious mind holds as its beliefs, its truth.  We then ask our unconscious mind to take us to the first event where this belief was formed, we release the emotions that we were not allowed to express for whatever reason in this event, then we get the lessons that we missed because we suppressed the emotions involved, we then play it forward healing all the events back to the present time.

After a session we must allow for the changes to integrate on all levels.  This can show up as a feelings of tiredness, and a need to detox, physically and emotionally.  I’ve seen changes in people straight away and the rewards that come with that.

This work does take courage, courage to see inside of ourselves and face the parts of us that we have unconsciously worked to protect ourselves from.  What lies beneath these limiting beliefs is our true self, our authentic self and that is worth the work on all levels.

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