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Why Are We Here Empaths?

Robyn Iacuone

31st August 2017

Empaths are highly evolved souls that heard the call sent out by Mother Earth as she asked us to assist her in her own evolution.  We came from all reaches of the Universe, have had many lifetimes in all matter of worlds and races.  We raised our hands and volunteered to help humanity and the Planet because it couldn’t be done without us.

From Dolores Cannon’s book, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”, Dolores discusses the three types of volunteers.  The First Wavers have had the hardest life because their souls are of a very high frequency and coming to Earth and squishing into a lower vibrational physical body and having to constantly adjust.  First Wavers find the emotions of anger and fear unnatural to them and the violence and ugliness of this world makes them feel very uncomfortable.  Many of them, when feeling low, have a strong desire to return ‘home’ even when they don’t know where that is.

The Second and Third wavers have had it much easier than the First Wavers as they were the ones who pathed the way.  The Second Wavers are channels of energy and that energy affects everyone around them.  They often don’t feel comfortable around people, preferring to stay home in what feels to be safer surroundings.

Society as a whole has very little knowledge of Empaths and Highly Sensitive people and very little understanding.  Many Empaths act as a mirror to others and if that is misunderstood they are often not liked, as others feel uncomfortable around them, not knowing that the Empath is actually helping them to work on the attributes of their personality that need healing.  Therefore, many of us have few friends and that only adds to loneliness that many experience.

I like to think of us as The Mother’s (Mother Earth) Army … we’re here for her, to fight the unnatural, for humanity.  And as with any army, as we know it, there are the soldiers and the generals and our leader is Mother Earth, we instinctively follow her command, we seek the truth. To find the truth we must feel our way through the artificial to find the natural, natural as in nature and artificial which is what nature is not, that which is not made from nature.

We are working as a collective team whether consciously or unconsciously, basically it doesn’t matter as it’s our energy not our ego that are making these changes.  Many Empaths find their way into professions that suit what type of Empath they are.  For example, with Animal Empaths who can sense the emotions of animals, may become Veterinarian Doctors or Nurses or Park Rangers, therefore it is necessary for us to find out what type we are as it helps to give us the purpose we have been searching for.

So Dear Ones, not much longer now, so many folks are talking about the coming changes, but really who know what that is going to look like and when it’s going to happen!  So hold on tight, it really can’t be much longer, yes?


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  1. Hi Robyn:

    I read The Three Waves a few months ago, as my aunt recommended it to me to better understand myself and my being here. It’s a great book, and I felt very much at home with it. I return to it from to time to help remind me I’m not alone and my feelings make sense. Thanks for this great post, as it’s helpful reminder of who we are as Empaths. I have not always been the Empath that found a career that suited the true me (it’s been a funny, interesting and at times painful experience with the “work” aspect of life. However, I realized that part of my journey was loving, accepting and understanding who I truly am. Over the past few months as I’ve learned, grown and healed, I’ve been able to take care of myself and feel more at home with what truly nourishes me. Thank you again for your work and contributions. 🙂


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